Fly and Lure Fishing Guinea Bissau - 10 Days

Fly and Lure Fishing Guinea Bissau

The variety of available fishing is in large part the appeal of the Guinea-Bissau experience. The factors that make the Bijagos so unique are three-fold. First is its sheer size. As Africa’s largest archipelago, the region encompasses 30,000 sq. km. of largely protected saltwater wilderness. Of the 88 major islands, only 20 are inhabited with a total population of less than 5,000 residents.

Second, the region is one the largest estuarine environments in Africa, fed by four massive hypertrophic river systems. The result is a biological marvel where in places clear waters team with brown clouds of plankton attracting incomprehensible quantities of baitfish, and an all-star cast of predators that prey upon them , and lastly the region has a remarkable diversity of water and habitat types that include murky rich tarpon waters, sand spits surrounded by crystal clear waters, mangrove channels and immense inner bays, mud flats covered with molluscs, and beautiful white sand beaches studded with rugged dark lava outcroppings. When seen in its entirety the role the region plays as one of Africa’s most significant spawning grounds for baitfish and sport fish alike is easily understood.

A partial list of worthy game fish to be found is equally as impressive: five species of barracuda, six species of snapper, twenty species of shark (five of which commonly exceed 400 pounds), Amber jack, Senegalese jack, incredible numbers of Jack crevalle, Cobia, Kob,Bonefish, Permit, Pompano, Grouper, Guitar fish, Ladyfish, Leer fish, Sierra, Tarpon and Triple tails are all caught most every week. There are sandy beaches, rugged lava points, mangrove inlets, river-like channels, and barren sand spit islands. While there are numerous places that qualify as "flats", it is hard to categorize the region as a quality flats fishery as the tides average 6-12 feet.

This fishing area offers some of the most diverse fishing on the planet, Popper fishing , Fly , Vertical jigging , Trolling , Bait and live bait all work well and catch multiple quality fish . As a result much of the fishing is done from boats. During low wind conditions there are numerous sight-fishing opportunities for Jacks, barracuda, large needlefish, Snappers, African SierraMackeral and Corvina. In less favourable conditions the same species are targeted by blind fishing points, edges, shorelines, and submerged structure.Superb beach fishing can be had from any one of over 200 beaches, Big Guitar fish,Rays,Cassava, Barracuda and many more can all be taken from the surf.

Some of the most exciting fishing centres on the region’s remarkable Jack Crevalle fisheries. These fish can often be seen chasing bait in what the locals refer to as “hunts". Jacks can also be targeted from the beach. A breathtaking sight for any angler is a huge pod of these aggressive fish cresting in the waves just before crashing into a school of baitfish.

While the region has the world’s largest tarpon, the fishery is not ideally suited to the fly, because of the size of the fish, Guineas average tarpon are well over 150lbs. The vast majority of tarpon are hooked with baits that are suspended only 3-4 feet beneath the surface. Needless to say the tarpon fishery is a high stakes game where the fish average over 200 pounds.

COCO OCEAN- The hotel accommodation offers quality rooms, or suites, with ensuite facilities.

ACUNDA LODGE – Fully stocked bar and a stylish African restaurant with an encompassing menu cooked with quality fresh local produce. A beautiful relaxed environment ideal for anglers and couples alike.



RODS: You will need a 170-200gr rod able to hold 7-10 kg drag and a 100-120gr rod to fish with 6kg of drag.

REELS: For heavy popping you will require a Stella 10000 FA, 18000Sw or Saltiga 6000. For light popping Stella 8000Fa, Shimano Stella 10000Sw and Saltiga 4500.

LINE AND LEADER: For heavy popping we recommend fluorocarbon leader (50 to 100lbs) braid and 200lbs shock leader.

LURES: Noisy poppers from 80gr to 140gr, floating stick bait about 18-24cm and sinking stick bait from 80gr to 150gr.

TACKLE: We recommend Owner ST66 4/0 and 5/0, for smaller lures Owner ST76 3/0.


Casting rod + Jigging rod + Reels: 100€ /week

Lures pack: 50€ /week but client pay lost and broke lures at the end of the week.

Clients can come with leader (fluorocarbon 50 to 100lbs) hooks (circles or regulars), lures (poppers, stick-baits, jigs, rappalas etc)


Fishing shoes



Short and long sleeves

Water proof bag

Fishing Gears and Tackle box

Fishing hat

Hook sharpener

Stripping gloves


Lures of different size

Nail clippers and scissors


Waist belt

Fishing hat

Line nipper

Bobbers and sinkers

Hooks of different size

Extra length of lines

Personal items

Suntan cream

Insect repellent


Polarised sunglasses

Medications if required


Hire Packs: – We offer a comprehensive hire tackle pack for the Guinea Bissau trips , costing around 100 euro a week , the packs contains pretty much everything you would need for spinning , lure fishing , bottom fishing and Jigging .

For anyone wishing to fly fish here are our recommendations. Rods: Fly- 9-11 wt. rods will be the most useful all around rods. If you would like to target tarpon, we recommend 13-15 wt rods. Spin – Stiff action spinning rods in the 80 -120 gram ranges are ideal. Spin. – 50lb Braid Reels: Fly – Any quality saltwater reels with at least 200 yards of 30 yards backing. If you want target tarpon get the best reel you can with as much backing as possible. Spin – Good quality Saltwater spinning reels with at least 300yds of 50-60lb braid

Waders & Boots: Standard flats boots are fine for the beach fishing and many beaches and sand spits lend themselves to fishing barefoot or in water sandals. Many beaches transition quickly from white sand to rugged dark lava. Sure-footed anglers wanting to fish this terrain should consider standard felted wading boots (with or without cleats) as well as a stripping basket.

FISHING GEARS:- Sturdy saltwater pliers, a heavy glove for tailing jacks, hook sharpener, saltwater leader straightening box for tarpon anglers, polarised glasses with retainers, good hat, headlamp and flashlight, mid-weight raincoat for choppy boat rides, water proof sunscreen,  lip balm, waterproof bag for all day gear on the boat, energy bars, and things like spare hats, T-shirts, and assorted items to leave as gifts with the locals.


Flight links are via Gambia/ Banjul

From UK (Gambia Experience and Thomas Cook)

From Scandinavia (SN Brussels, Turkish Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Ving and Thomas).

From Germany and Holland (SN Brussels, TUI, Royal Air Maroc. Turkish Airlines, Corendon)

Day 1
Arrrivals Day

Arrival into Banjul International airport (Tuesday). After passing immigration and customs, you will be met by a NORRGAM LEISURE GROUP representative agent with a sign. You will then be taken to your hotel Coco Ocean for two nights.

Day 2
Visa Application


We depart for the Guinea Bissau embassy in Banjul to apply visa at 09.30am on Wednesday morning. After acquiring visas, we have the option for a city tour to Banjul offered €100 per person include lunch on a nice beach bar and restaurant in Cape Point.

Day 3
Travel to Guinea Bissau (Acunda Lodge)


The minibus for Guinea Bissau will depart 06.30am on Thursday morning. You will be met at your hotel at 06.00am by our crew and then transferred to Guinea Bissau via Senegal. Expected arrival time in Bissau (Quinhamel) is 11.00am, where we will have lunch and take a 2.30 hours boat transfer to Acunda Lodge. Upon arrival at Acunda Lodge, the guides will help you with your bags and transport you to your bungalow. Dinner will be served.

Day 4
Fishing Day 1


After breakfast is free to unpack and get settled in, followed by half/whole day fishing. Lunch on the beach or at the lodge.

Day 5
Fishing Days

Fishing days:

Saturday – Wednesday: four to five days of sea fishing, inland canals, lagoons and reefs. Using various methods of fishing, ranging from light tackles, jigging, drifting, fly fishing etc. Lunch on the boat/beach or at the lodge. Arrive back at the lodge for relaxing followed by an evening meal.


  • Per person based on double sharing for 4 anglers. From € 2950 per person
  • The package includes: - Airport and return transfers from Banjul to Guinea Bissau.
  • Boat Transfers to Acunda including 7 nights and full board.
  • Full day 5-6 days guided fishing
  • Guides and boats, visa, local taxes and gratuities.


  • The package does not include: Bar tap at the lodge,
  • Tips, Air tickets to Banjul

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  • From €3200 per person minimum of 2 Pax
  • From €2900 per person 3 Pax
  • From €2850 Groups of 4 Pax
  • From €3350 per person minimum of 2 Pax for Giant Tarpon fishing full moon
  • From €3050 per person 3 Pax for Giant Tarpon fishing full moon
  • From €2950 per person 4 Pax for Giant Tarpon fishing full moon

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Trip Facts

  • 1-6 Anglers
  • Hot and Dry
  • Light to moderate